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      Brand Experience (EN)

      Brand Experience

      ... when brands come to life.

      For centuries humans have loved to hear beautiful stories – tales that move, touch, inspire and excite! THAT is the goal of brand experience and at the company KESCH. We love brands – it is what drives us every day.

      Making brands come alive for everyone is our specialty! You may wonder, how do we move companies away from hard fact and prices towards creating love-brands? Keep on reading or get in touch!

      Brand Love Process

      Using our uniquely designed KESCH Brand Love Process we not only working for the brand, but WITH the brand!

      360° Brand Experience

      We are not just showing 360 degree brand experience, but we are living it! That is how we create stories that resonate!

      We make brands come to life

      We don’t stand for depthless work – we are THE trusted experts when it comes to creating brand experience!

      Let people experience your brand across all touchpoints!


      Our process does not follow strict guidelines, allowing it to be highly personalized. We know every brand is unique and ever changing – that is why we stand out as a brand experience agency. Due to this we consistently tell convincing stories for our clients – and that is what their customers want!

      Our individualized process builds guiding principles, company philosophies, values and more in order to create a solid foundation for your brand’s story telling.


      Dein Mindset




      Design Sprint





      „We have very successfully worked with KESCH for years. The KESCH team speaks our language and continuously proves being an invaluable asset through quick and flexible solution-thinking."

      Mag.(FH) Kerstin Fritzlehner

      Events & Sponsoring Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Austria GmbH


      Your consumers are overflowing with content, ads and notifications, which is why every brand needs 100-fold more touchpoints than years ago. To truly be seen by your customers, it no longer is sufficient to be present digitally. At KESCH we think like the consumer, analyse their wishes and desires to create a story. We do this holistically, every day.

      "Having a brand come to life is the tip of the iceberg for marketing. Without creativity, emotions and client-centric thinking it is unfathomable."

      Lukas Schütz

      KESCH Founder

      We make
      across channels

      One stop shop – bla bla – we cannot stand to hear it anymore!
      We are experts, if you want to truly want to make your brand come alive! Multi-tasking or half-assing is not a thing we do at KESCH. We go full out on Live Marketing, Online, Social Media, Street Activations and Event – full stop. We are not a media or creative agency, but we can promise you we are one thing: the only contact YOU need. Being your brand experience agency we will coordinate with your 3rd party partners, internal departments and suppliers. THAT is what we call one stop shop. Transparent, fair and efficient to make your brand an experience!

      You want to talk brand experience?

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