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    ... can be complicated,
    but oh so effective

    For KESCH digital marketing is a “must have” in every season! However, a variety of trends, platforms and performance measures can be highly confusing in a cookie-less era. That is why you have us – our holistic digital marketing team will help you find the best digital strategy for your business or personal brand!

    Whether hybrid event, metaverse testing, website support, classic social media management or creating a 360 degree brand experience – with us success is ensured!

    Digital Events & Promotions

    Events and promotions can no longer work solely offline!

    Social Media Management

    The right social media mix for each brand is a complex challenge!

    Performance Marketing

    Performance marketing is more than a buzzword – it is revenue generating!

    Digital Brand Experience

    Brands have to combine offline + online seamlessly in the global age!

    Marketing & Sales

    Marketing & sales pull on the same string for your brand to be successful!

    "Marketing has to be such that humans want it in their lives" – Jim Stengel

    EVENT &

    Would anyone plan an event in 2022 without promoting it online? Very unlikely. The world’s of online and offline are blurring more each day – and KESCH has good glasses to leverage the difference!

    Events & promotions paired with our digital team: The merging of these worlds is our doing – with online tools, sharp minds and over 10 years of experience our team is leading the revolution of the event and promotion industry!

    „With KESCH we were able to increase our follower-count by more than 400%. The combination of creativity, strategy and flawless execution is unbeatable!“

    Julia from TECE

    Marketing-Lead at TECE


    Instagram, TikTok, Clubhouse, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Spotify und LinkedIn – and those are just the platforms we can think of within 3 milliseconds. The social media environment is moving at lightning speed and you need to have an entire team to stay enlightened.

    That is why you have KESCH’s digital unit! We can tell you about the facebook algorithm while dreaming, cite YouTube guidelines while doing a handstand and Charlie D’Amelio is jealous of our TikTok skills. Whatever the goal, our team of experts will lead your digital performance to success!

    Marketing without analytics and data-driven models is like owning a brush without paint.


    Performance marketing cannot be siloed. It spans across the entire marketing funnel – every touchpoint influencing purchase decisions has to be carefully analysed and optimised to guarantee maximum ROI.

    KESCH digital team uses the most innovative tools in digital marketing to empower every company to create a data-driven online strategy!

    Digital Brand

    Brand experience doesn’t derive from a single campaign or platform. It is a feeling, an emotional connection the person has with a brand. For it to thrive a brand needs to be consistent throughout all their channels.

    This emotional connection cannot come in a day. It needs precise planning, in-depth knowledge and impeccable implementation – exactly what the to-do listers, jamboard- brainstormers, TikTok dancers and social media nerds in the KESCH digital team will offer you!

    "We no longer live in a "digital vs. traditional" marketing world. The job of every marketer is to build an accurate customer journey that increases revenue throughout the financial year!"

    Clara Haslauer

    Head of Marketing, Ex-Google

    Marketing &

    Marketing and Sales have become an inseparable pair.

    The main task of online marketing is to generate MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads), while sales is responsible for closing the deal with highest CLV (Customer Lifetime Value). Sounds complicated – but our team breathes digital marketing.

    With our strategies YOUR company can unify both departments and continuously increase revenue. We will show you how to do so!

    You want to talk digital marketing?

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