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    Events (EN)


    ... we confess, we love events!

    Events in 2022 cannot be compared to events only a few years ago.

    Today events are similar to TV entertainment, but offer an interactive feature and incorporate groundbreaking technologies. While combining the client’s goal, the perfect event concept and a little magic we always achieve our most treasured ambition: the happiness of event attendees and our clients.

    Live Events

    B2B (Business-to-Business),
    B2C (Business-to-Customer) and fairs

    Online Events

    Whether in our own studio or in the biggest TV studios in Austria: KESCH feels at home!

    Hybrid Events

    We master the art of provoking deep-felt emotion equally for physical attendees and virtual guest!

    The ones constantly aware of what  they are doing are staying below their potential. – Martin Walser 


    Fascinating people – we are living for it! Our 10+ years of experience in the live event industry speaks for itself: we are able to inspire thousands with big gala events, award shows, multi-day launch events, spring break, the Coca-Cola Xmas Truck tour, summer splash and much more!

    Collectively the KESCH Event team has more than 100 years of practical experience . Our goal through it all? Catapult every single event into new dimensions – through boundless creativity, richness of never-there-before experiences and  constant innovation!

    „The partnership with KESCH has been extraordinary from the get-go. After many years of collaboration, the team still surprises us with their flexibility and ingenious event implementation - always going the extra mile."

    Karin Silberbauer

    Productmanager, AMA


    Fusing dreams and reality? Online events make it happen!

    Whether a webinar in our KESCH office studio, a 360° camera stream in your dream location or producing a never-there-before platform: With the KESCH spirit we keep pushing boundaries, making the impossible happen for our clients!

    „Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast“
    Alice in Wonderland


    Whoever thinks that hybrid events are simply a mixture of online and offline events must also think that a butterfly is a mixture of butter and a fly. This could not be further from the truth.

    The biggest challenge is also the secret to success: cater equally well but not equally to all guests’ needs. That is what KESCH does best! We will ensure that everyone’s expectations and demands will be met – online and offline!
    Are you curious? Contact us!

    Pleasure to meet you - I am your live insurance when it comes to events!

    Mario Flieger

    Head of Events

    You want to talk events?

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