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    Promotions (EN)


    ... bringing your products directly to the customer. 

    Rarely any marketing discipline is as broad as promotions:  Sales Promotions, Street Promotions, Flashmobs, Digital Promotions, Green Promotions, Samplings, Roadshows – we could go on forever.
    Your advantage: we are feeling at home with all imaginable promotion categories and we are here to support you.

    What do all our promotions have in common? Bringing your brand directly to the customer – through a variety of touchpoints, creative concepts, simple messaging and lasting memories.

    Digital Promotions

    Because promotions have not been solely offline for a while now!

    Green Promotions

    Not only a trend, but an important step towards sustainability!

    Street Promotions

    Reach and surprise your target audience in their everyday lives!

    Retail Promotions

    Bring your product to life where customers can buy instantly!


    Mediashop 2.0 – the revolution of sales promotions!

    „We don't buy what we want to own. We consume, what we want to be in the future!“ – John Hegarty


    We have to admit – we love being close to our clients! Luckily there are digital and hybrid models that allow us to be close, even through social distancing.

    Digital promotions are the perfect combination of physical and digital, with which you will be able to build real relationships with your clients!

    „Our goal at Coca-Cola is to repeatedly surprise our customers and put a smile on their faces. We are only able to achieve that through a strong, reliable partner that knows our target audience as well as we do. Over the years KESCH has proven to be that competent partner we need. Together we have successfully realised countless innovative, exciting and heart-felt projects and will continue to do so in the future!"

    Lisa-Maria Moosbrugger

    Brand Manager, Sparkling Coca-Cola Central & Southern Europe


    Green how? With KESCH promotions we focus on ecological, economical and social sustainability. We believe this topic cannot get sufficient attention.

    If you feel the same way and your goal is to approach your customer greener and more sustainable, we will show you clear strategies and actions to reach your goal!

    Positive side effect? Doing good feels incredibly good!

    We will put your product and brand at the center of attention!


    Who can resist a person with a huge smile, approaching you with a slight spring in the step to show you some love and give you goodies?

    Street promotion is the most accredited way to meet your clients face-to-face and captivate them.
    What do you need to be successful? Us!


    Have you ever thought: “Uh I need that!” in a retail store, even though you did not need “that” at all? Happens to the best of us.
    However: there is so much more behind that quick decision that you may know!

    With the right promotors, psychological knowledge and a clear sales concept you can create the “wow – I-need -this-effect” within your customer. At least we can. Contact us for more!

    "The worst try is the one that never happened"

    René Nemeth

    COO & Partner


    You cannot associate anything with live shopping yet? We don’t believe you!
    We are certain that at least once you were zapping through channels, getting stuck on Mediashop and bought some Swiffer accessories.

    Live Shopping is the new era of Mediashop! It is more than just a trend, it is a revolution of how your consumers interact with and purchase products online. We at KESCH are revolutionaries, thus not surprising that we have already cracked the code to be successful at live shopping!

    You want to be part of the revolution? Contact us now!

    You want to talk promotions?

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